Diaspora: a scattering [of seeds]

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Join with us to celebrate the grains of culture that have fallen to create a mixed and beautiful wild garden.


The world is a giant anthill, our society in constant movement, cultures are developing, changing, people are moving.

Some travel for pleasure, others by necessity.

Diaspora talks about who we are as individuals and uncovers us a society.


A nighttime experience, a fixed street show, and an opportunity to discover more about the people that we see everyday. To find out what we have in common and to celebrate our differences.


An artistic, cultural and family experience, Diaspora is a warm, funny and moving piece incorporating video, recorded testimonies, live music and movement inspired by themes of refuge, exile and Diaspora, ending with a celebration* of our mixed society.


* We hope you bring your dancing shoes.


Artistic Team: Hayli Clifton, Tristan Assant, Olivier Tasseel, Julien Aubrun, Jerome Biarrat, Henri Bruere-Dawson, Charlotte Beaumont, Lowri Allen, Olivier Brun, Sam Exley, Mark Adams, Thomas Garnier, Julien Cretin, Florent Hermet, Jane Dawson.