Creating an international, visual, language of theatre, French based company Compagnie Animotion has been making physical theatre for Deaf and hearing audiences since 2005, and encourages social change and inclusivity through our work.

We create inclusive and exciting theatre for all audiences.

Created in 2005 by artistic director Hayli Clifton, the company moved to France in 2009 where it was awarded a six year residence with the town of Livron.

We have 5 children and family shows, one street show, one aerial dance and circus creation and run workshops for professionals and non-professionals.

We create international exchanges between Deaf and hearing artists and run projects supporting young artists to develop their pedagogy and artistic style with us.

We continue to help our public be aware of sign language and Deaf culture through our work, but we also now aim to touch any person or communities at risk of social exclusion.

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