War of the Buttons

 “A wonderful hour with which to indulge and enjoy theatre that truly promotes inclusion and breaks down barriers”

— Rosie Revell, The Public Reviews, April 14th 2013  ✭✭✭✭✭


Welcome to a tale of squabbles, scuffles…and buttons!

George grows grapes. Bessie grows cabbages.

One loves the sun. One loves the rain.

A petty squabble grows and grows and grows into

…the war of the buttons!

In a silly and wonderful tale, buttons and friendships are lost and won, games are played, and audiences young and old can rediscover their inner child!

Be taken on a journey of imagination, to a world drawn by a child.

A world where you are invited to eat birthday cake, take sides

and where a button can be a kiss, a wish, a present, or a trophy of war!


Toured to rural, small, mid-scale venues and festivals in the UK, Ireland, Finland and France.


Artistic Team : Hayli Clifton, Julien Aubrun, Sam Exley, Tristan Assant, Mandy Moulliam, Chris Glyee, Michael Addison, Natasha Holmes.



Have you thought about…

One of our workshops in your venue to support the show and to encourage new audiences? Our workshops for The War of The Buttons are for 5-11 years, inclusive and adapted to all participants. *

Say it in sign!

1 hour, 5-11 years

An hour of games and fun exercises giving children the confidence

to express themselves with movement and facial expressions as well

as learning over 40 words of BSL vocabulary. The sessions ends with a big book storytelling and signing session with our actors.

Physical Theatre and Expression (5-11)

1 hour, 5-11 years

This hour long workshop explores the skills it takes to tell a story without using any words. Using the set of the show as a base, the children are led through games and learn that we can make more noise without speaking as well as developing

spatial awareness and movement skills.


Sensory (children with learning and behavioural difficulties or children on the autistic spectrum)

This workshop is based on the themes of the show and is adapted to your needs. Please ask for details.

*unless previously discussed with your venue, all workshops have an extra fee.